Generator Repair

Generator Repair Services

Generators serve a critical role in providing power backup during power outages. However, when generator issues arise, they can cause you to lose your essential backup power unit. Our generator repair experts at Pinellas County Electric have been serving businesses and homeowners in Pinellas County, Florida, with quality generator repair services for years.

When Do You Need Repair Services?

Here are some of the major indications that it is time to contact us for our generator repair services:

  • Difficulty Starting Up

A generator should start immediately. If it is an automatic unit, the transition from the power grid system to your generator must be seamless. If you are using a manual switch, then your generator must immediately turn on once powered on. Basically, if either your automatic or else, your manual repair takes several tries to power on, then you should get generator repair services.

  • High Fuel Intake

Optimally functioning generators typically consume a constant or fixed amount of fuel, as indicated inside the product manual. If you notice higher consumption than expected, it could indicate various issues, including damaged or worn out parts.

  • Power Output Issues

The output on your generator should be stable to avoid damaging the appliances and devices in your home. If you are experiencing flickering, you should consider surge protection and electrical panel upgrades alongside the generator repair services.

  • Unreliable Power Output

If your generator starts and runs smoothly before switching off after a couple of minutes, then it must be examined. If it has enough fuel, then the generator could have electrical issues or even overheating concerns, which is why the unit keeps going off after some time. Regardless of the issue, routine maintenance lists among the essential commercial electrical services that will ensure you get a reliable backup system back.

Get Professional Generator Repair Services

Even though your manual gives you great information about possible malfunctions and their causes, it is advisable to leave the generator repair services to experts. You could even worsen the condition of your generator if you try to fix the problem. Equally important, there’s a risk of serious injury with electric shocks or burns if the generator has electric issues.

Choose Pinellas County Electric for Generator Repair

If you are looking for the best electrical services in Pinellas, particularly for generator repair, then Pinellas County Electric is your electrical contractor. Your call will be answered by licensed electricians who are happy to respond to all your questions and provide the best solutions. They will shortly arrive on-site to diagnose the generator problem and give you a clear estimate of what it would take to fix your critical backup power unit. Reach out to us at (727) 269 – 1982 to schedule a no-cost consultation now!

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