Electrical Panel Upgrades & Rewires

Panel Upgrades and Rewires

An electrical panel is a crucial hub that divides a property’s power supply feed. Everything from lights and outlets to many other subsidiary circuits all connect at this single central location. Thus, if you have panel issues, it will likely affect multiple parts of your property. Fortunately, you can rely on the skilled electricians at Pinellas County Electric for electrical panel upgrades.

What Are the Signs That You Need Upgrades?

An electrical panel powers all the electronics and appliances in a residential or commercial property. Hence, it is easy to identify when your panel or wiring is not working correctly since your favorite appliances will stop working. Other notable indicators that it’s time to consider electrical panel upgrades include:

  • Melted wires or a burning odor: When your appliances draw excessive power than the panel can handle, it overheats, thus the insulation and wires inside will melt.
  • Power surges every time you switch on electrical appliances: Switching on high-powered devices like air conditioners and dishwashers can create moments of sudden excessive power demand, leading to a surge. If you find that the appliances you are using demand more power output than your panel can adequately handle, an upgrade will be your best solution.
  • Frequently tripping breakers: Overloaded breakers will often trip more regularly. This surge protection safety feature helps to avoid fires and protects your appliances. If you are continually dealing with frequent tripping breakers, it is worth considering electrical panel upgrades.
  • Flickering lights: The sporadic or irregular voltage drop in an overloaded system will cause your lights to flicker since they are not getting sufficient power. In that case, you should consider lighting upgrades and panel upgrades to provide your lights with the adequate power they require.
  • Replace Old panels: Pre 1970s homes typically used fuses rather than breakers in panel boxes. Unlike breakers, fuses melt, blow, or short circuit when overloaded. We recommended upgrading to modern breaker boxes to avoid any electrical issues that may arise from outdated equipment.

The Benefits of Panel Upgrades

When you choose Pinellas County Electric for your electric panel upgrades, you will notice a huge difference immediately. Some of the benefits of upgrading your panel include:

  • Reduced fire risk and enhanced safety
  • Better surge protection and fewer power surges
  • Now more flickering lights
  • Enhanced home value
  • Extends device and appliance lifespans

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