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There has been a noticeable increase in power grid disruptions across the country due to aging infrastructure and the increasing occurrence of severe weather. The modern population is also more tech-centered, further maximizing the use of power in both residential and commercial properties. Based on these factors, power surges arising from these disruptions cause expensive damages, which means investing in surge protection is necessary.


Get Whole Home Surge Protection from Pinellas County Electric

Rather than having to purchase a surge protector for every appliance in your house, you can install whole-home protection. If power surges occur, your whole home will be protected, and the destructive electrical currents will not damage your appliances or devices.


What Causes Power Surges

Today, you’re likely to come across multiple sources of power surges, typically originating from both outside and inside your home, and they include:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Inductive spikes
  • Downed utility lines
  • Faulty circuit breakers
  • Short circuits
  • Internal surges from large motors switching on/off

Effective protection keeps electrical appliances safe during power surges, making it one of the essential residential and commercial electrical services.

It’s advisable to leave the whole home protection installation to a licensed electrician. The complex wiring in a service panel can be quite confusing for most homeowners.

To ensure safety and fast, efficient results, consult us here at Pinellas County Electric. We have the expertise, tools and know-how to evaluate your protection needs and serve you efficiently. We will help you successfully protect all the various appliances in your property through the best residential electrical services in Pinellas.

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Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection

At Pinellas County Electric, we always help our clients make the best decisions for their properties. Here are the benefits you should expect from surge protection installation:

  • Complete electronics protection: In the modern technology age, people rely on electronics for multiple reasons. Surge protection ensures that all your appliances are safe from any power spikes that could cause damage.
  • Fire protection: In some instances, power surges can cause fires. Hence, surge protection will prevent your business or home from the risk of fire.
  • Storm and lightning protection: Home protectors easily curb massive voltages in your house caused by storm and lightning.


Pinellas County Electric Offers Reliable Surge Protection Service

We also provide a range of electrical services in Pinellas, including generator repair, lighting upgrades and many others. We are ready to assist you and solve your electrical issues. Contact us today for the best residential and industrial electrical services in Pinellas County, Florida.

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