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Electrician in Tarpon Springs, Florida

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Salutations, Tarpon Springs!

Pinellas County Electric are your trusted electricians. We don’t just fix wiring; we bring light back into your life one fuse at a time! And like superheroes, our specialization lies within knowing every intricacy of electricity (not forgetting an abundance of lightbulb jokes!).

At our local electrical contractor services company in Tarpon Springs, Florida we ensure the only sparks you see are those of happiness rather than those caused by poor wiring! No matter if it be residential, commercial, or industrial premises – our electrical experts ensure your lights shine bright all day.

Here’s our shocking revelation: we love what we do and could spend all day wiring circuits! However, as fair play and fair pay are extremely important to us so our prices remain clear as day.

Pinellas County Electric offers friendly yet high voltage electrical services that guarantee no dim situations arise in your home or office. From fixing loose fuses to lighting up your space with festive glow, we make sure no dim situation arises!

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Electrical Services in Tarpon Springs, Florida

As homes and businesses become more dependent on electricity due to advances in technology, it’s more important than ever you’re able to get the services you require. Here are just some of the services provided by Pinellas County Electric:

Technology to Protect Your Property

The safety of your property and the people in it will always come before everything else. Pinellas County Electric offers security lighting as a first-line deterrent against criminals, in addition to alarm system installation, servicing, and 24/7 monitoring. This will help keep your family or business safe and secure at all times.

Surge Protection

We don’t have to tell you that the state of Florida is prone to power outages due to inclement weather. This means that having surge protection alongside a trustworthy emergency power generator is paramount for every household and business. The Pinellas County Electric team can install, repair, and upgrade both of these services to protect you from the effects of electrical problems due to bad weather.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

Electrical problems can be tricky and interrupt how your property operates. In some situations, what seems like a small problem (like flickering lights or intermittent power) can be symptoms of a much more nefarious and dangerous issue. The electricians at Pinellas County Electric will quickly troubleshoot any problems and provide the best solutions.

Superior Electrical Service Team

The best way to ensure proper installation, repair, and servicing of your property’s electrical needs is by putting your trust in a reputable electrician. Pinellas County Electrical has earned a superior reputation amongst our competitors. Our technicians are professional, our customer service personnel are fantastic… and our owners aren’t too shabby, either!

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Pinellas Country Electrical is proud to serve its incredible community. If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule an appointment with our electricians in Pinellas County, call our staff at (727)88-VOLTS today.